Council Passes ORCA for All Resolution

Councilmember Pedersen is pleased to announce the City Council today adopted Resolution 32921 to explore financial and other implications of the inspirational “ORCA for All” vision. The stated goal of ORCA for All is to increase the use of public transit by expanding how employers can make the ORCA card transit subsidy available to more workers. It is our understanding survey data indicates that, if transit costs are paid for, many will shift their commutes out of cars onto transit.

The resolution states the intent of the City Council to pursue an ordinance expanding the “Commuter Benefit” chapter of the Seattle Municipal Code “to require employers to provide employees with transit subsidies.” The resolution requires assessment of numerous aspects of the proposal before an ordinance is brought to the Council for consideration. Councilmember Pedersen collaborated with Councilmember Mike O’Brien to broaden the scope of analysis to explicitly include potential impacts on employers and our City government’s budget.

Councilmember Pedersen is pleased to pursue this key element of transportation equity that will also help Seattle to address climate and pollution impacts by reducing single occupancy commuting.

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