Seven Gables Theatre Building and Parcels in University District

located at Southwest corner of NE 50th Street and Roosevelt Way NE

Firefighters battle flames as the old shuttered Seven Gables Theatre burns Thursday in Seattle’s University District. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

December 24, 2020 (original post):

STATEMENT by Councilmember Pedersen:

“I’m very sad to see todays’ devastating fire at the historic and beloved Seven Gables Theatre that has been closed since 2017 in our University District. My chief concern this Christmas Eve is the safety of everyone impacted, including the firefighters who responded to this blaze. I was relieved to confirm from the Fire Chief there were no injuries for firefighters or civilians. This has been a problem property for months and it is important that the owner secure it to prevent people from getting inside this increasingly unsafe structure.”

“As soon as I learned of the fire this afternoon, I went to the intersection to survey the scene, thank the firefighters, and confer with the incident commander. I connected with the Fire Chief to seek next steps on the fire investigation. Looking forward, I reached out to the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection (SDCI) for next steps on securing the property as well as redeveloping the building and adjacent parcels in a way that properly preserves what remains of the historic exterior as required by our City’s Landmarks Preservation Board and considers input from the immediate neighborhood. I believe it’s important for that prominent corner near a City library and a City park to return to a vibrant and productive part of our neighborhood.”

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