Malik Davis Day in Seattle

Malik Davis, 1970-2022

WHEREAS,    Malik Nkrumah Davis made his hometown of Seattle a better place for all, serving the city with distinction, energy, and love throughout his life and career; and

WHEREAS,    Malik Davis was first and foremost a family man — a devoted husband, father, brother, and son; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis was born in Seattle on December 2, 1970, and attended Montlake Elementary, Meany Middle, Garfield High, and the University of Washington; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis earned a Master of Public Policy from the New School in New York; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis was a community leader in West Seattle where he resided with the loves of this life, his wife and two daughters; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis raised his daughters to be compassionate, kind and curious leaders with a fierce sense of right and wrong that will guide them as they develop their community responsibilities; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis supported every school his daughters had the privilege to attend, including serving as a member of the parent board at Holy Names, volunteering as chaperone at Holy Rosary school dances, participating in numerous school auctions, and coaching basketball; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis could be heard near and far cheering loud and proud to support his local sports teams, including the Seattle Seahawks, Garfield Bulldogs, or his beloved Huskies; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis was a proud and active member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity as well as The Breakfast Group, a Seattle-based non-profit focused on addressing the challenges of at-risk youth of color. 

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis began his legendary work for the Seattle city government with Seattle Public Utilities in 1998 before serving as a Legislative Aide for City Council President Margaret Pageler starting in 2001; and

WHEREAS;   Malik Davis worked tirelessly to expand the resources and local networks of the University of Washington and the nonprofit Mary’s Place for women and children experiencing homelessness; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis worked alongside Seattle Councilmember Alex Pedersen since 2020 as his energetic and effective Director of Constituent Services and Legislative Aide, specializing in public safety, parks, and community development; and

WHEREAS,   Leaders in Seattle were wise to seek out Malik’s institutional knowledge and advice on the most difficult of urban challenges; and

WHEREAS,   Malik Davis led with compassion and wisdom to fight racism, to increase public safety, to build community; and to champion the City of Seattle; and

WHEREAS,   colleagues often described Malik as “passionate,” community leaders often commended Malik for being “professional,” friends always appreciated Malik for being “witty;” and everyone remembered Malik for being very tall; and

WHEREAS,   Malik’s favorite pie flavors were sweet potato pie and key lime pie; and

WHEREAS,   Malik’s larger-than-life spirit lives on in his family as well as with neighbors, colleagues, and friends who will always remember and pass along his empathy, enthusiasm, and loveable life lessons;


Malik Davis Day in Seattle


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