Updates for King County Metro Bus and Sound Transit Riders

June 24, 2021 UPDATE:

A thorough analysis of the changes coming October 2021 for King County Metro bus lines was published by Stephen Fesler in The Urbanist blog: CLICK HERE.

MAY 27, 2021 UPDATE: Bus Routes in District 4 will Change with Light Rail Stations Opening in October

Some King County Metro bus routes in our district will change when Sound Transit opens the new Roosevelt and University District (Brooklyn Ave) light rail stations on October 2, 2021. We are eagerly awaiting the opening of these new stations and the quick, frequent service they will provide all the way from City Council Districts 4 and 5 to Capitol Hill, Downtown, Sea-Tac airport, and beyond. But many of us will need to adjust our travel patterns to the updated Metro bus routes that are changing to maximize use of this growing regional transit system. For example, riders of the 74 bus will be driven to the new U District light rail station on Brooklyn Avenue instead of directly to downtown and, if your trip originates from Sand Point, you’ll have the option of riding the new 79 bus to the new Roosevelt light rail station. For that example of the 74 and 79 buses, CLICK HERE. For info on other bus route changes, CLICK HERE and then click on “Route Information” at the top of that site (or see list below). More bus information is available at THIS LINK.

To comment directly to King County Metro about your buses, CLICK HERE or call them at 206-553-3000. For Sound Transit, CLICK HERE.

We have been in close contact with King County Metro, Sound Transit, and our own Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and will continue to share your feedback with them.

King County Bus Route changes starting October 2021:

RouteStatusPDF Link
16NewRoute 16 PDF
20New (replacement of Route 26)Route 20 PDF
23No Longer ProposedRoute 23 PDF
25No Longer ProposedRoute 25 PDF
31 and 32RevisedRoutes 31 and 32 PDF
41ReplacedRoute 41 PDF
44RevisedRoute 44 PDF
45RevisedRoute 45 PDF
48RevisedRoute 48 PDF
49RevisedRoute 49 PDF
61No Longer ProposedRoute 61 PDF
62UnchangedRoute 62 PDF
63ReplacedRoute 63 PDF
64RevisedRoute 64 PDF
65 and 67UnchangedRoutes 65 and 67 PDF
68No Longer ProposedRoute 68 PDF
70RevisedRoute 70 PDF
71ReplacedRoute 71 PDF
73RevisedRoute 73 PDF
74 and 79Revised and NewRoutes 74 and 79 PDF
75RevisedRoute 75 PDF
76ReplacedRoute 76 PDF
77ReplacedRoute 77 PDF
78ReplacedRoute 78 PDF
301RevisedRoute 301 PDF
302NewRoute 302 PDF
303RevisedRoute 303 PDF
304RevisedRoute 304 PDF
308ReplacedRoute 308 PDF
309ReplacedRoute 309 PDF
312ReplacedRoute 312 PDF
316ReplacedRoute 316 PDF
320New (previously 361)Route 320 PDF
322NewRoute 322 PDF
331RevisedRoute 331 PDF
345RevisedRoute 345 PDF
346RevisedRoute 346 PDF
347RevisedRoute 347 PDF
348RevisedRoute 348 PDF
355ReplacedRoute 355 PDF
372RevisedRoute 372 PDF
373ReplacedRoute 373 PDF

the changes above will be in effect October 2021

MARCH 2021: Bus Route Changes Starting March 2021 (until October 2021).

Typically, King County announces bus route changes twice a year and these go into effect in the Spring and in the Fall. For the changes in effect starting March 2021, CLICK HERE.

MARCH 20, 2020 (original post): Paying Transit Fares is Optional as COVID Pandemic Worsens

As of Saturday, March 21, 2020 it’s optional to pay fares for both King County Metro and Sound Transit, until further notice

In response to significantly reduced ridership since the emergence of COVID-19, Metro will temporarily move to a Reduced Schedule starting Monday, March 23

The reductions are designed to maintain off-peak hours. Schedules will be posted on Metro’s web page Saturday, March 21.  A few routes are being suspended entirely during the crisis. Alternatives for the temporarily suspended Route 78 (Children’s Hospital to UW/Husky Stadium Link Station) are: Routes 31/32, 65/67, and 75. The best alternative route for the temporarily suspended Sound Transit Route 541 from Overlake to the UW/Stadium Link is Route 542.

Even with these temporary reductions in the frequency of bus service during this crisis, we’re relieved King County Metro will maintain most bus routes throughout Seattle connecting everyone to places of care, to services (including grocery stores), and to jobs for Seattle residents unable to work from home.

Metro’s press release is here: https://kingcountymetro.blog/2020/03/19/reducedschedule/

Route schedule and map page: https://kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/schedules-maps.aspx

Metro info page with links: https://metrocommute.wordpress.com/

Seattle routes: https://sdotblog.seattle.gov/2020/03/19/temporary-transit-service-reductions-start-monday-march-23/

King County Executive press release: https://www.kingcounty.gov/elected/executive/constantine/news/release/2020/March/20-metro-covid19-update.aspx

Sound Transit press release: https://www.soundtransit.org/get-to-know-us/news-events/news-releases/sound-transit-to-suspend-fares-all-transit-modes-until

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